Holiday Heart [EP]

by Takitani




I've been making a lot of music lately, not for Takitani, and not really for any kind of release, but a lot of Ambient, and Breakbeat and whatever I wanted to really. It was nice to take a break from making tunes that were going to be put up here.

I also moved city with my girlfriend.

So when I decided to go back to making some music for Takitani I chose to, very much, just pick up where I left off. I was a bit worried at first, but ulitmately I decided to just have fun and let the beats and samples speak for themselves.

So I consider any download of these tunes as support for what I am doing, and if you do download them then I thank you, and if you feel like something more, drop me an email and I will be happy to make you a loop, or beat, or send you an old tune or something.

Also hit me up with an email if you just want to chat, or do a collab or whatever.

Also, the download includes a bonus track that I decided to throw in, just beacuse.
It's a remix of some tune called Velt Mark by an artist called Navtey. He's part of a label called Brainstream that I was in talks about releasing some music with before I took a little break from making music for a while.

Check them out here:

I support the kind of thing they are doing.



released 13 July 2014

Track 1 samples an Ella Fitzgerald tune
Track 2 samples a Joanna Newsom tune
Track 3 samples a My Bubba tune
Track 4 samples a Regina Spekter tune

Among others of course, but that's the main samples that I can remember. There's drum samples scattered about from my sample folder that I have had for years.



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My name is Tom, I like to make music.

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